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Save The Date: Friday (evening) April 12, Saturday April 13th, Sunday April 14th

Our jamfest has been exxxxxtended so get ready for two and a half days of art, learning, creating, teaching, playing, exploring, and so so much more!!

Where: Long Haul Infoshop – 3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA

What: During this multi-day event, attendees will share knowledge, try new things, build community and get silly in an environment that uplifts and affirms all gender identities, presentations and experiences. The weekend will also provide abundant opportunity for creative collaboration and connection. All participants are heartily encouraged to apply to lead their own classes, workshops, or demonstrations – we will provide whatever materials you need!

Who can attend: This event is open to transgender and gender nonconforming artists of all skill levels and disciplines.

Who Is Organizing This Event: The Spooky Haus is a transgender housing and artist cooperative. Local to the East Bay, we work toward self realization and expression through collaborative art. We believe that the transgender experience is more than suffering; gender is art and beauty and love. As a community, we promote a sense of acceptance and social safety, providing a space that encourages exploration and experimentation of all kinds.

Ok But Who’s Leading This Show?: Everyone who attends Art Jam has an equal say in this event. Each attendee has the opportunity to lead a session, and the weekend’s schedule is shaped by what attendees want to jam about. For inspiration, some of the classes that are already in the works include how to keep a sketchbook, how to sell your art, and beginner-level instruction on cyanotype photography and lino printing. Applications to run sessions are due September 13th and we will let you know if your session made it in by September 20th. Session leaders will be given a stipend to partially offset the cost of their ticket, and supplies will be provided.

Steps To Attend Art Jam!

1. Fill out the attendee form. You will then be sent a link to purchase a ticket at your self-selected price range.

2. Fill out the Session Leader form and tell us about the session you would like to host. Session applications are due by September 13 to allow us time to build the schedule and purchase materials.

How much does it cost?

$ Low Income $: this tier is for attendees who are less financially secure and have very little disposable income. $50

$$ Standard tier $$: this is our standard ticket price that covers costs associated with running the event $100

$$$ Sugar tier $$$: this tier supports us offering tickets to attendees for whom cost would be a barrier to attending. thank you!!! $150

$ Allies $ – Donate to Art Jam! Donations of $50 or more will receive an Art Jam t-shirt as a thank you for supporting your trans buddies.

$ Help I don’t have any money $– If the low income ticket option still presents a financial barrier for you to attend Art Jam, please select this option in the attendee form.

Accessibility and COVID-19 information:

We are very excited to be able to host Art Jam at the Long Haul Infoshop, a radical resource center and community space in Berkeley, CA. The Infoshop is located three blocks east of Ashby Bart. We are dedicated to making this event accessible for all attendees, and will be asking for accommodations such as dietary restrictions, interpretation needs, and mobility needs in the registration form. Please don’t hold back and let us know if you have any concerns so we can solve it together.

A note for mobility aid users: There are no stairs into the entrance of the building, and there is an accessible bathroom on premises. However, there is one area inside the building that is only accessible by stairs, and we may hold a limited number of sessions in that area but we will honor any requests to hold sessions on the ground level.

A note about food: Food provided during the event will be by default vegetarian, please let us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Attendees will be required provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. We will be providing rapid tests for all attendees at the beginning of the event and requiring masks to be worn indoors. The Infoshop has a lovely outdoor section space which we will be utilizing for meals.

Cancellation policy:

We will not be providing refunds except in the case of a positive COVID-19 test or known COVID-19 exposure within 12 days before the event. Please contact us at you are unable to attend for any other extenuating circumstance.

More Questions?

Check out Our FAQ

Can’t come? Want to support us? Making a donation helps us put on this event and supports offering low and no income attendee tickets!

Thank you to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for helping to make this event possible. Art Jam is proud to be one of the 2022 Artist Power Convening award recipients for Alameda County.