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Hey we’re the folks of The Spooky Haus Co-Op!

The Spooky Haus Art Co-Op Is A 13 person all-transgender art collective, living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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We’d love to meet you! You can currently find us at local marketplaces and vendor pops up all over SF and the East Bay!
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Desire custom work?
Crave unique items for your event, brand, or band?

We work with an expansive set of media through new and developing mediums such as resin, digital, and laser and combining our work with long-standing mediums such as painting, leatherworking, and sewing. We make jewelry, zines, fine art paintings, clocks, leatherwork, patches, pins, keychains, clothes, and more.

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Sour Cherry Comics
3187 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Our services

Wholesale and retail
Event tabling
Custom art and jewelry
Business signs and logos
Band merchandise
Making cool stuff

Meet Our Artists!

Miriam (they/them)

Miriam is a queer multidisciplinary artist and professional menace, drawing from available materials to push form, function, and aesthetic into everyday useful objects. Their work mirrors the world around them, marking injustices, large and small, and trying to insert beauty wherever cracks in the surface can be found. They revel in beauty created by people who love each other, and create works that draw people together. They are anti capitalism, anti establishment, and pro creating art that speaks to people and brings themes of radical love and kindness into their lives.

Lior (they/them)

lior ray ayalon is a nonbinary artist and writer living in northern California. they mostly make art on cameras or computers, but sometimes they like to get their hands dirty too. they hate cilantro, and they are quite good at air hockey. when they’re not making art, they’re writing about the history of horror movies or obsessing about whether or not to cut their hair. they’re a taurus sun and a double scorpio.

Nathaniel J. (he/they)

NJ is a fine artist and craftsperson based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked all around the Bay within the live theater community as a props artisan, scenic painter, and as an assistant to award winning set designer, Nina Ball. As a fine artist he most often works in gouache from life, depicting architecture and environments around the Bay Area. He also draws from his training and experience in theatrical scenic design to create tiny (approximately 1:200 scale) models of San Francisco homes. (photo credit MATT MOORE)

Phthalo Blue (they/them)

Phthalo started sewing clothes for their stuffed animals at a young age, later moving on to alter their own outfits. While fashion and fabrics have always been a passion of theirs, they later discovered their love of literature. When PB wasn’t busy sewing, you could find them writing stories and poetry in their ever present notebook. In their teenage years, they spent a lot of time in psychiatric treatment facilities. During their stays in hospitals, Phthalo developed an affinity for painting and general crafting. Their biggest inspirations are their overwhelming love for the world, their experiences with mental illness, and their parrot, Jones.

Chloe (she/her)

I am a trans Lakota artist who is committed to bringing art out of the gallery and into everyday life. I specialize in leather work and inventive punk apparel, merging functionality with pushing societal norms.

Sam (they/them)

ope no bio

Stephanie (she/her)

Stephanie is an artist(?) that does stuff with things? Oh boy does she sure love art.

Bre (she/they)

ope no bio

Ollie (they/them)

Oliver is a neat guy whose artistic mediums consist of mediocre folk punk, watercolor, lino cutting, paper crafting, charming rich yuppies into paying for Olivers gas and dog food while traveling, tinkering with stuff found in the trash, and writing. Oliver makes all their art with real, genuine, transgender joy, love, and sadness. enjoy <3

Sean (they/them)

ope no bio

Henry (he/him)

ope no bio

Eleanor (she/her)

ope no bio

Scully (kitty/cat)

its him! the placeholder image! thats our actual cat! scully my son, my sweet beautiful boy. Right now as I type this he is sitting beautifully at the window, being a perfect angel boy.

Roswell (menace/biter)

a monster, a baby, a lover, a fighter, but definitely a biter. the love of my life. my sweet baby boy.