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Is this event open to cisgender allies?

Cisgender allies may not attend but are welcome to make a donation in support of Art Jam. Donations over $50 will receive a hand printed Art Jam t-shirt.

Why can’t cis people come to this event?

By limiting participation to those who do not identify with their assigned gender, Art Jam seeks to create a space where participants can authentically engage with their art and with each other without the defense mechanisms required of transgender people mixed spaces. Just let us have this one thing, please.

Am I trans enough to attend Art Jam?

If you are transgender, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, agender, demigender, gender fluid, transsexual, bigender, pangender, or anything other than cisgender, than yep, you’re trans enough to attend this event. There is no other qualifier or criteria other than self-identification.

How much does it cost to attend Art Jam?

Tickets are available on a sliding scale to accommodate a range of financial need. Attendees are able to self select their own tier according to need, including options for those who are facing economic hardship. If you are financially secure and have expendable income, we ask that you select our Standard or Supporter tiers in order to support our efforts to keep this event accessible to everyone. Here is a breakdown of our pricing scale:

$ Low Income $: this tier is for attendees who are struggling to meet their basic needs, and who have very little or no disposable income. $50

$$ Standard tier $$: this tier is our suggested fee for attendees who are financially secure $100

$$$ Sugar tier $$$: this tier supports us offering tickets to attendees for whom cost would be a barrier to attending. thank you!!! $150

$ Allies $ – Donate to Art Jam! Donations of $50 or more will receive an Art Jam t-shirt as a thank you for supporting your trans buddies.

* help I don’t have any money- If the low income ticket option still presents a financial barrier for you to attend Art Jam, please select this option.

What am I paying for anyways?

Registration fees cover two days of attendance at Art Jam, including food and art supplies. We will be providing two meals each day (brunch + dinner) as well as plenty of snacks. Every attendee will walk away with a hand printed Art Jam t-shirt, as well as the fruits of their labors from every workshop attended. Souvenirs will include pronoun pins, lino blocks and prints, cyanotype prints, sketchbooks, and more!

Can I attend just one day of this event?

Because this event is focused on building intentional community among trans/gender non-conforming artists, we will not be selling single day tickets and we ask that all attendees are present for both days of the event.

What if I purchase a ticket but then end up not being able to make this event?

Please consider your purchase of an Art Jam ticket a commitment to attend both days of the event. We will not be providing refunds except in the case of a positive covid test or known covid exposure within 12 days before the event. Please contact us at if you are unable to attend for any other genuine extenuating circumstance.

What if I’m coming from out of town?

We are unable to provide lodging for this event, but we are happy to provide local recommendations. Please indicate on your registration form where you will be coming from so we can do our part to make carpool magic happen.

Can I bring my dog? my baby? my polycule?

We love doggos but we want to prioritize a space for creative exploration and play, and it’s gonna get messy so please only bring service animals and leave all other pets at home. If you are a primary caregiver, you are welcome to bring your young kiddo! Access to childcare should not be a barrier for anyone who wants to attend Art Jam. Your polycule can come too if they’re all trans and all fill out separate registration forms.

Can I lead a session?

Every single Art Jam attendee is encouraged to teach a class, give a demonstration, facilitate a collaborative art project, or otherwise jam about whatever you want! Art Jam is committed to breaking down barriers and restrictions to creation, and attendees should feel empowered to teach a class regardless of institutional experience within a given discipline. Workshop facilitators will be given a stipend to partially offset the cost of attendance.

But do I have to lead a session?

No, it is not a requirement to lead a workshop — just strongly encouraged! This event is what we all make it together. If you would like to suggest topics to be covered by someone else, please let us know on your registration form and we’ll do our best to make sure those topics are covered!

What if I’m not sure if I want to lead a session and I want to take my sweet time making a decision?

Take as much time as you need… until the workshop application deadline on September 13, 2022.

Is there a deadline to purchase a ticket?

As long as tickets are still available, they will be available to purchase until the event commences on October 8, 2022. There are a limited amount of tickets and we expect this event to sell out so get your tickets soon!